Alexander McQueen

Ghost Flower scented candle 200g


Alexander McQueen

Ghost Flower scented candle 200g

Adnan Sleibi

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    • Alexander McQueen scented candle


    • 100% wax; lid 100% metal


    • Application: after lighting, ensure the top layer of the wax has melted completely and evenly before extinguishing the flame but do not burn for more than 4 hrs at a time. This process may take longer where the diameter of the glass widens and some wax may remain on the inside of the glass, but will slowly begin to drop into the wax pool as the glass narrows again. Do not use the lid to extinguish the flame. Replace the lid when the candle has cooled.


    • Fragrance family: freesia, peony, deep woods, patchouli, incense


    • Egg shaped vessel, branding at front, presented in a graphic print box


    • Height 15.8 cm, width 9.7 cm, depth 9.7 cm


    • 200g


    • Burn time: approximately 55 hours


  • Made in the UK