What is OFOUR?

O FOUR is a unique e-commerce platform designed to provide consumers with the most unique goods the global market has to offer. We focus on offering creative, inspiring and newly emerging products which are not easily found at traditional online retail platforms.

Where Does The Name OFOUR Come From?

We are a company proudly formed in the illustrious city of Dubai; a place that has always inspired us to dream big and leave a unique mark on the world. With that in mind, we decided the best way to represent the essence of Dubai would be to use its area code as our name.

The Birth of OFOUR

OFOUR evolved in 2016 when the founders – extremely particular online shopping fanatics – started to feel that their perusal of e-commerce websites had become so mundane and monotonous, that the spark and associated excitement of shopping online had completely diminished; to an extent where whenever they visited any other site, it just all looked the same – same products, same experience, same dull feeling.
In order to rediscover that lost feeling of euphoria, the founders set about building a platform of their own that would enable like-minded people to find a plethora of unique and interesting products on one site. At OFOUR, we prefer to be selective about what we choose to feature on our website, rather than just settling for the ordinary. The lengthy selection process enables us to shortlist products which perfectly fit the OFOUR mold.
We give credence to the idea of quality over quantity and we would rather have 100 customers that absolutely love us, than 1,000 that only like us.
We are completely committed to finding the right products which enable us to stand out from the crowd. We believe it is this approach that makes the difference between building a brand that is remembered for a lifetime rather than one that is easily forgotten.

Company Details

The website is owned and managed by United Turnkey Systems LLC – a company founded in 2014 and headquartered in Business Bay, Dubai, UAE. We can be reached by email ([email protected]) or on Instagram (@ofourme).