PW Adidas Solar (Afro) Pack Hu NMD Pink Review

        By Kareem Hamwi on 23 May,2019

        OK, so I know we (OFOUR, I mean) are a little late to review these, but they’re still worth talking about!


        Pharrell Williams, singer, songwriter, businessman, and a bunch of other titles, has one of the hottest shoe lineups on the market. When he teamed up with Adidas, his line of shoes have been intensely sought after and sold out only to be restocked or pushed aside for another new line. Luckily OFOUR has a secure source for all the latest sneakers; so we rarely worry about out-of-stock issues.


        Today, I’ll be reviewing the Pharrell William Solar Pack (Afro Pack) HU NMD in “Pink”. I say Afro Pack because, well, the inspiration came from East Africa. The vibrant colors and connection to land and people make East Africa a beautiful place – inside and out. Pharrell really wants to emphasize the cradle of life and did so by writing MOTH4R on the right shoe and L4ND on the left (MOTHER LAND).


        The fabric is Adidas primeknit in gray, white, and pink. The pink – the identifying color – is a bit more raised than the gray primeknit. It adds this ridge feel to it. The shape and stitching of the shoes allow your feet to spread flat on the inside and stretch out (not permanently) the sides of the shoes. This makes the shoes extremely comfortable to wear!


        If you look at the ankle collar, you will easily notice the African design and colors. The mix of red, white, green, yellow, and orange all dotted around the ankle collar bring out a familiar color scheme commonly seen worn by African nations. It may even resemble wristbands or something due to its color scheme and place of origin.


        Let’s talk about the lacing for a second. It’s so cool! I love the way the laces were designed. The fact it doesn’t wrap around the entire length of the foot really allows the design and text to pop. And, with the laces just around the ankle, you can still tighten and loosen it as needed. It also gives your foot more freedom. It’s awesome!


        Because of the laces, they had to figure out a way to get them to wrap comfortable and securely. You’ll see these throughout all of Pharrell’s lineups – the lace cage. These are this rich blue and I can’t emphasize how awesome they are. They stick to the midsole, not the fabric, so it still allows for your foot to fill in the shoe without constriction and you’re not pushing against rubber all day.


        On the inside, you’ll find the Pharrell signature sockliner – the art of reflexology. Donning the same colors as the ankle collar, it’s also splattered with text of human organs – bladder, liver, pancreas, etc. With everything we’ve mentioned, you see why its called Human Race, right?


        The shoes being made by Adidas, you can expect the extremely popular Boost design on the midsoles. You see how they protrude on the backside and are larger than non-Boost shoes. Man, I love this design. I have a bunch of Boosts myself. They’re the comfiest and sleekest ever!


        A new design featured on the Afro Pack is the yellow hiking outsole. These are sick. They’re more raised than any of the previous releases and even have spikes on the outermost area of the outsoles. Every iteration prior have not had such a pronounced outsole, or have been completely flat.


        Let’s look at the heel tab and laces. The heel tabs – one marked with Pharrell Williams (and his logo) and the other with Adidas and its logo – are 3M reflective; meaning they reflect light when shined on, giving security when walking on the sidewalk at night with cars driving around. The laces share that in common. If you look at the laces, you’ll see a spiral of sorts design wrapped around the laces. That spiral is also 3m reflective material. So not only is it practical, it looks super cool too. Speaking of laces, the shoes come with an extra pair of blue laces – the same blue as the lace cage – so if you’re feeling the blue, it goes with the pink super well and adds another layer of color to it. It’s also wrapped in the 3M reflective material.


        Unfortunately, these shoes didn’t do as well as the other releases for whatever reason. I personally love them. I think the pink and gray, mixed in with the African colors and bright blue and yellow seriously give them character. They’re ridiculously comfortable to wear (from what my colleague tells me – I have big feet so it’s hard to find shoes my size… Adidas, wanna help me out a bit?). I’d say if you haven’t picked these up yet, go for them. They’re a great buy – they’ll last you a long time, will always bring attention, and add some color to your outfit. The bright colors may also keep you in a good mood… you never know.


        I hope you guys liked this video. It’s our first official actual review! Pick your pair up from our website – www.ofour.com. Also, please like, comment and subscribe to this video and to the channel. Let me know what I can improve on and what you’d like to see on this channel. Next week, we’ll be doing a gadget review. I may post up a teaser or two as to what the product actually is.


        In the meantime, don’t forget to follow me @ofour_reviews, follow O Four at @ofourme, and again, subscribe to the YouTube channel Ofour Reviews.


        Thanks, guys!


        Kareem Hamwi

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