Trackr – Pixel – 1 Pack

Allan Villar

Always losing things? TrackR is here to help! So small and lightweight, you can attach it to anything

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  • Silver
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TrackR pixel is an easy way to find misplaced items using your smartphone. It is a small, lightweight Bluetooth tracker that rings and lights up so you can find anything, even in the dark. If you can’t find your phone, just press the button on TrackR pixel to make it ring loudly – even on silent.

Easy To Use

The TrackR Pixel has a slim and sleek design. It can be conveniently put inside your wallet, purse or bag or attached to other things like a key or laptop. Once you attach the tracker to an item, download the TrackR Pixel application to your phone and pair it with the tracker. This way, the application begins to keep a check on the tracker and thus, tracks your valuable item.

Lost And Found

If you do not spot your valuable item anywhere, just open the tracker’s application on your phone and find it in no time. The app will make the tracker ring and that too, loud enough for you to hear. This tracker also features an LED light that lights up for you to find your lost belonging with much more ease. You can also see the last seen location of your lost item. The TrackR Pixel has a global network. If your lost item is closer to another TrackR Pixel user, the Crowd Locate feature will send you a private notification that will help you to get your lost item back with ease and minimum effort. With the TrackR Pixel tracker, you can retrieve your misplaced phone too. This time, just press on your tracker and make the phone ring. You do not even have to worry if your phone is in silent mode. The TrackR Pixel will still command your phone to ring loudly and help you to get its location.