Seletti Standing Monkey Table Lamp – White

Allan Villar
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You’ve heard the phrase ‘get the monkey off your back’ but just try getting these mischievous monkeys off your walls, tables, floors and ceilings!

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The Monkey Lamp collection designed by Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba has now reached cult status. These guys can be found clambering around in the most debonair of dining spots, the hallowed halls of the hottest hotels, and the most rare-refined of residences. Each monkey is crafted from resin and beautifully detailed before being given a crisp white or stark black finish,  depending on your chosen style.

Looking up in wonder at his master’s light, this charming chap stands proud and tall wherever you choose to place him. Relying on his tail for balance, this monkey would be very happy standing on a plinth, ledge, outdoor table, or freestanding on the floor.

This monkey has a more robust construction and a water-resistant lamp fitting to make him suitable for use outdoors, simply plug your monkey into the mains and watch him light up your outdoor space.