ReTrak Virtual Reality Headset

Allan Villar
  • Full 360° experience for seamless vision from any angle
  • Ultra-compatible, works with virtually all smartphones
  • Lightweight and portable design for use on-the-go
  • Form-fit cushion for comfortable, custom-fit feel
  • Lucid View lens system reduces glare and eye strain

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Experience a 360-degree world with this ReTrak Utopia 360 virtual reality headset. Stay entertained for hours thanks to hundreds of free apps, and feel comfortable the entire time with the memory foam head strap. Bluetooth technology lets you use this ReTrak Utopia 360 virtual reality headset to play your favourite simulation game. Form-fit cushion for a comfortable, custom-fit feel and sliding cover for use with augmented reality. Dual adjustable focus with retractable focal length and interpapillary distance.

  • The Bluetooth Controller adds to the already immersive VR experience by giving you total control in games, virtual words, and other virtual reality apps. Not only is the VR headset lightweight, you can take it with you! Utopia 360 is portable and perfect for on-the-go adventures. The form-fit cushion provides maximum comfort no matter where you are.
  • Utopia 360 is powered by your own device and is compatible with virtually any product, including iPhone iOS and Android. With hundreds of free VR apps from the Google Play and App Store, there are limitless possibilities of where virtual reality technology can take you.
  • Utopia 360 features a form-fit cushion with cooling ventilation for maximum breathability. 3-way adjustable straps with additional padding for the ultimate, customized feel.
  • Dual adjustable focus allows you to modify the focal length (FL) and interpupillary distance (PD) to suit your needs. The built-in action button provides maximum app compatibility with touch technology.
  • Optimize your virtual reality experience with seamless 360 vision from any angle.