Pin Table by Menu

Abrar Nawaz Shaik
  • Norwegian Andreas Eengesvik, one of today’s hottest designer names, developed pin table with a simplicity that fits urban lifestyles
  • The table is on a post that you simply push into the ground with the button at the top of the post
  • Pin table is made of high-quality wood and painted in five high-gloss colors
  • Black
  • White
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The urban life is fast and cramped – with the Menu Pin Table, Andreas Engesvik created a table that ensures new space. Thereby it is flexibly usable, whether in a city, on the park or in nature.

The Pin Table by Menu suits the modern city life with its flexible elegance, where relaxation and spontaneity play a central role. Its design is thereby leaned on classic pin-needles and that is also how it is used: The table stands on one point, which is simply pinned into the ground – and as soon as that, you will have created a place to rest.

Behind the design of the Pin, Table hides the designer Andreas Engesvik. The Pin Table of recognized Norway consists of a high-quality wood, lacquered in glossy colors. The Menu Pin –Table ensures new space: in every park, at every beach and also in the middle of the city it will find a place.