Osmo Starter Kit Gaming System for iPad

Allan Villar

Osmo is a unique educational gaming accessory that opens up your iPad to the infinite possibilities of physical play.

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One of the things I struggle with as a parent is how much time I let my kids play games. Left to their own devices, my 5- and 7-year-old would happily spend eight-hour blocks of time exploring Lego Marvel Super Heroes’ streets or hunched over an iPad playing Bad Piggies. I get it – games are super fun – but at the same time I like to make sure that it’s not time entirely wasted. The founders of a new iPad product called Osmo had similar issues in their homes, but they’ve done something about it. Osmo uses a pair of simple peripherals to deliver three educational games for young players. I got to see it in action recently, and it’s an impressive piece of tech that parents should keep an eye out for. Pramod Sharma, co-founder and CEO of Tangible Play, told me that he was uncomfortable watching his kids tune out while playing iPad games. He wanted to develop something that was educational, but also required players take a more active role in what was happening on the screen. He and co-founder Jérôme Scholler developed a proprietary technology they call Reflective A.I., which uses a mirror peripheral in conjunction with an iPad’s front-facing camera to detect and interpret shapes and patterns and use them in gameplay.

Osmo is a unique gaming accessory that will change the way your child plays. Crafted with reflective artificial intelligence, a groundbreaking technology that bridges the real and digital realms.


Bridge the physical and digital

In this digital age, the iPad offers young minds a great platform for learning and playing. But, when kids are interacting only with a touchscreen, they’re spending less time engaging with their physical world. Osmo is a technology system that bridges the physical and digital worlds by taking gameplay beyond the screen.


Anyone, anytime, anywhere

Osmo isn’t just for kids. Designed for anyone aged 6 and up, this educational toy can be enjoyed by nearly everyone in the family. Siblings can challenge each other in Words, best friends can work together in Newton, or dad and daughter can sweat it out in Tangram. Kids, parents, grandparents, and friends alike can play with Osmo anywhere, anytime. Even at Grandma’s house, where there’s no WiFi connection.

Works with all iPads

Osmo is compatible with all versions of iPad 2 and up, all versions of iPad mini and all versions of iPad Air.

Easy to setup

Set your iPad on the stand, place the red reflector over your iPad’s camera, and you’re ready to play!


Osmo has gotten rave reviews from USA Today, Yahoo! Tech, The Wall Street Journal, and more! Time Magazine named Osmo one of the top inventions of 2014.

Our Games

Kids and adults alike can cultivate their minds and creativity through Osmo’s games: Newton: 60+ levels of creative engineering. Guide virtual balls with real-life objects. Words: Unlimited content. Guess and spell hidden words with physical tiles. Tangram: 500+ visual and spatial puzzles. Arrange puzzle pieces to build challenging shapes. Masterpiece: Draw anything and everything. Supercharge your drawing skills. And more to come…

Family Fun.

Get silly with your siblings. Debate word definitions with friends. Compete with Dad (and make him sweat!). Osmo brings kids and families together in the real world – for real time laughs.