Nuki Smart Lock

Abrar Nawaz Shaik
  • The button on Smart Lock for motorized locking and unlocking and to activate Lock ’n’ Go.
  • Bluetooth 4.0to communicate with authorized smartphones.
  • LED ring indicates the status of your door lock (locked/unlocked).
  • Independent power supply with 4 standard AA-batteries.

Nuki turns your smartphone into a smart key. It opens your door when you come home and locks it when you leave. Create and manage individual access permissions to your home through the Nuki app on your smartphone. A round-the-clock activity log tells you anytime who entered or left your home. The free Nuki app is available for iOS and Android devices. With the App, you can control all Smart Locks that are authorized for you. Up to 100 Smart Locks can be managed in one App.