Naztech – QC3.0 Roadstar 5 USB Car Charger and Hub

Abrar Nawaz Shaik
Cleverly designed with a 2-port plug, 3-port backseat hub, and 6ft extension cable, everyone in the vehicle, from the front seats to the back row, can have rapid charging power within easy reach no matter where they sit.
Temperature Resistance

Temperature control mechanisms ensure our highly-reliable batteries
operate safely.

Input Over-Voltage Protection

OVP circuit prevents voltage surges from damaging
the device.

Overcurrent Protection

Consistently measures output and turns off when the current exceeds what the device can handle.

Short-Circuit Protection

The charger automatically isolates the motherboard and battery if any short-circuit occurs, effectively shielding the device from harm.

Power Overload recovery

In the event of a power overload, the device can be put into use again by detaching your devices, waiting for it to cool down, re-attaching the devices,& pressing the on button.

Battery Cell Protection

Our specific Battery Management System (BMS) detects cell temperatures by measuring the cell current to keep the battery safe.

Automatic Reset

Power resets if any mechanism stops working by pressing the power button.

Output Current Stabilizer

By communicating with the attached devices, the charger automatically knows how much power it needs, and stabilizes current to that charging level.

Overcharge Protection

In the event that too much power is being siphoned, the charger will automatically apply for overcharge protection by shutting off, keeping both your devices & the charger safe.

Advanced Smart Chip Technology

Chargers that are equipped with Smart Chips can detect each device’s power needs and adjust the power flow automatically for the fastest and most efficient charging experience possible.

  • Dynamically Detects Your Device’s Unique Charging Protocols
  • Provides the Exact Amount of Power Needed Every Time
  • Delivers the Most Optimized and Fastest Charging Output
  • Ensures Universal Compatibility for all USB Devices including Apple® & Android™