Weight Here Candle Holder by MENU

Abrar Nawaz Shaik
  • The material used gives the candlestick holder a homely yet functional look.
  • The frame is made from artificial stone which has a classical stone-effect look; it is both lightweight and robust and feels like porcelain to the touch.
  • Material: artificial stone and cast iron
  • Design: KiBiS

Weight Here is a family of candleholders featuring distinct historic references to the iconic typology of chamber candlesticks and candelabras. The designs revisit the standard candlestick appearance and dimensions and are natural extensions of these made to fit gives candles. Weight Here comes in four versions: S and M for ordinary candles and L & XL for block candles. The cast iron parts acknowledge historic artisanal techniques and theÊpolystoneÊreferencesÊKiBiSisÊlink to modern architecture. These materials provide the candlesticks with a grounded feel and a solid no-nonsense appearance.