Abrar Nawaz Shaik

Using the most accurate industrial 3D printing technology available today, the LUNAR Regular is an 80mm model Moon based on data captured by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. Each crater and every feature on the Moon’s surface are a part of the Moon’s timeline and narrative. Using state of the art technology, combined with exhaustive prototyping and experimentation, The AstroReality LUNAR Model brings the Moon’s story to life.

From comprehensive information about the Moon’s most iconic landmarks and missions to little-known trivia, LUNAR’s Augmented Reality app weaves together an unparalleled way to experience the Moon, in your hands, and through your smartphone. Best of all, where you choose to go and the way you adventure are completely up to you – every mission to the Moon you make is a unique voyage you control with your smartphone.

Product Details
  • ColorsDark Grey
  • Materials

— Warranty: Manufacturer’s 30 Day
— Scale: 1:116,020,845
— Weight: 16g
— Diameter: 30mm
— Grain: High Resolution
— Material: Polyresin
— Coating Application: By Hand
— Printing Resolution: 0.006mm Per Pixel
— Technology: 3D Print, Hand Moulding And Casting
— Painting: Distressed Textural Painting
— AR Experience App With Object Recognition, Landmarks Interaction, Trivia + More

How To Use:
— From Your Device, Launch The AstroReality App
— Your Camera Will Need To Be On. The Device Must Be Connected To The Internet
— Tap ” Scan Icon ” In The Middle Of The Bottom Bar
— Scan The QR Code On The Manual
— Your LUNAR Pro Model Will Have Come With An Unique QR Code
— Make Sure You Keep The QR Code Safe
— Hold The Device About 20 Cm From The Model To Get The Best Results