Lightning Cable for iPhone – Armour Loop

Allan Villar

FUSE Chicken SBL Armour Loop Lightning Cable for Apple iPhone Silver

  • With the toughest cables on the market
  • Stainless steel sheath almost unbreakable
  • Hardened connectors, no more cable breaks
  • Super flexible and stretchy
  • Ideal for travel, office, hotel etc.

Fuse Chicken is an innovative manufacturer of mobile accessories with a focus on cables for Apple iPhones and other devices. These cables are very different from the standard products. On the one hand, these cables are the hardest processing (steel coating already during production) and on the other hand flexible, elastic materials and connections. Fuse chicken cables are therefore very robust and virtually indestructible. At the same time there are different additional functions due to the elasticity, which are not possible with other cables of lighter construction. Individual cable models can be used e.g. as a practical table or car holder for the connected smartphones. They are not only useful tools for travelling in the car or hotel and useful companion when travelling. Foot hooks armour loop cable iPhone Armour loop cable are made of 100% woven stainless steel. Together with the detailed aluminium lightning connectors, these cables are very durable and therefore very durable. The only 13 cm length makes ARMOUR Loop one of the toughest mobile cables on the go. Will not break, no cable breakage, just short and good.