Electronic Adaptor UK To USA – Go Travel 626

Allan Villar

Go Travel UK To USA Adaptor + USB

  • Earthed adaptor for UK travellers to the Americas
  • Certified to new safety standards, including BS 8546
  • Lightweight, compact and easy-to-use
  • Use plug input and USB port simultaneously
  • 2.4A USB Port

Simple-to-use, this sleek, slim line travel adaptor connects UK travellers to the Americas, converting British 3 pole earthed plugs to fit most sockets in the Americas. It integrates a handy 2.4A USB port to efficiently charge smartphones, tablets and other devices. Use the plug and USB port simultaneously. The adaptor is fully certified, complying with the latest safety standards and is perfectly proportioned for cabin luggage thanks to its compact, lightweight design. Some countries may have more than one type of socket outlet. We recommend you check this before travelling.