Lyrics Speaker Canvas – COTODAMA

Abrar Nawaz Shaik

Decorate your home with your favorite lyrics.

The Canvas model is informed by a design ethos that fits in with interior design trends. Canvas consists of two boards leaned against the wall, similarly to vinyl record jackets: the front board is the screen which displays the lyrics, located on the second board are the Hi-Fi audio speakers, sealing together to create a modern design feel. Designed as a high art concept which will decorate the home, Canvas allows listeners to live with their favorite lyrics like a painting on the wall. Providing constant inspiration and motivation through the power of words. Bringing lyrics and art together, coming to a home near you.

The design was made to fit in various kinds of places.

The Lyric Speaker Canvas’s design fits in various places. You can enjoy decorating your room with lyrics just like an art piece.

A high-quality lyric-first sound experience created with world-class engineers.

The sound design of Lyric Speaker Canvas is by Japanese creative agency, Tom’s lab, whose world-class sound designers have a legacy of knowledge and experience in creating high-end speaker systems. With these world-class sound designers, we have aimed for an acoustic effect overflowing with rich musicality and a clear vocal sound which gives the listener the feeling that the singer is there in the room with them.
We have created a beautiful sound with a rich frequency range by using two boards to form a large baffle plate that reflects sound efficiently. In addition, adopting the rear-reflection method which uses the interior wall as the resonating part of the speaker when it’s placed near a wall, adds a uniqueness to our sound quality.