Seletti Bouche Table Lamp

Allan Villar

The Bouché is a table lamp that introduces colour and interest to a shelf, console or bedside table.

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  • Amber
  • Blue
  • Violet
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The aesthetic of this design is decidedly retro, what with the design’s nod to the original Edison lightbulbs, the use of neon over the traditional filament however, creates a far cleaner, more modern look. The glass bottle comes in three colours (blue, amber and violet) all of which give a soft diffused glow when the coiled neon tube is inserted through the neck.

Yup, to ensure the product gets to you safely the neon coil is packaged separately for you to insert ‘ship-in-a-bottle’ style once you have found the ideal spot for its habitation.

At the mouth of the bottle is a wooden cork through which the flex passes. An on/off button is located on the lead to prevent the mental tedium of having to continuously reach down behind furniture for the plug switch (you’re welcome).

Stands 39cm high (a little over 15”)

Diameter 15cm