Seletti Banana Lamp Louie

Allan Villar

“It’s useful being top banana in the shock department.”

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The Louie Banana Lamp really is a statement piece, not to mention a great conversation starter. The exterior skin of the Banana Lamp has a rich gold metallic finish which, next to the clean white interior of the skin and the white LED bulb forming the flesh, creates a fantastic contrast. The lamp itself is crafted from glass and resin and is incredibly detailed throughout.

The banana table lamps would look fantastic on bedside tables, occasional tables, and on shelves in homes, hotel lobbies, quirky restaurants, and bars looking for a show-stopping piece that stands apart from the rest. The use of an LED bulb means that the lamp will stay cool to the touch, and have a far longer life than a traditional bulb.


Size: cm. 26 x 15 h.30

Indoor use only | 6W – 3000K – 480 lumen | EU/UK version: Input 220 V – Output 36V – 50 Hz | US version: Input 110 V – Output 36V – 60 Hz | Cable: 2,5 mt