A5 memobottle

Johanna Bobis

The A5 memobottle fits perfectly in your bag alongside your iPad, books and laptop. Based on the A5 international paper size, its ergonomic shape allows for a Tetris style fit. The A5 memobottle is the companion you have been looking for to keep you healthy, hydrated and stylish.

  • Capacity: 750ml (25 fl oz)
  • Easy to clean
  • Black and white lid included
  • BPA-BPS Free Plastic
  • Max Temperature: 50°C (120°F )
  • Body Dimensions (excluding lid): 210mm x 148mm x 30mm 
  • Overall Dimensions (including lid): 249mm x 148mm x 30mm  (8 1/4″ x 5 4/5″ x 1 1/5″*) 
  • Packaging dimensions: 288mm x 190mm x 38mm