MUJJO Leather Crochet Touchscreen Gloves

Abrar Nawaz Shaik
  • Regular leather gloves don’t work with touchscreens, these leather gloves do!
  • These leather crochet gloves work flawlessly with almost every touchscreen.
  • Enabled by a revolutionary nanotechnology.
  • Carefully designed and made to last
  • Crafted out of a well-considered combination of leather and crocheted cotton

Take any call, at any temperature. Regular gloves don’t work with touchscreens; these do! These touchscreen gloves work flawlessly with almost every touchscreen. You’ll be able to use any touchscreen device while keeping your touchscreen gloves on!
Magnetic Snap Closure. The Single Layered Touchscreen Gloves feature a magnetic snap closure, ensuring strong holding power while reducing tension on the strap during opening/closing. Stunning design, detail, and finishing. The gloves feature a stunning design that takes knitted gloves to the next level. A leather strap crosses over a notch on the wrist where a carefully placed magnetic snap button provides a snap closure. The cuff boards are constructed of matching black leather and the palms feature grip dots to aid in anti-slip capability. A soft layer of integrated fleece lining provides a soft touch and feel to the sturdy and durable gloves. Maximized Grip. We’ve added silicon grip dot patterns on the palms of these heavy-duty gloves to aid in gripping and provide anti-slip capabilities that will come in handy on a moist or snowy winter day. These gloves are ideal for taking your phone out of your jeans-pocket and holding your phone during daily outdoors activities like riding your bike.